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Known as the Velvet Strand thanks to its silky sand dunes, Portmarnock Beach is one of Dublin’s finest swimming spots. Just 30 minutes north of the city, this long stretch of sand opens out into the beautiful Irish Sea. Swimmers here are treated to incredible glimpses of a vista from the Dublin Mountains all the way to Howth Harbour. The swimming community here is like no other. With their skin pink and endorphins high from the envigorating icy waters, there always seems to be a carnival atmosphere here amongst the regular bathers. Portmarnock Beach truly is a happy place to be shared with friends...

Portmarnock - Beach - Shelter - Pendant - 9kGold - Diamond

  • Abhaile is a collection of scintillating hand-carved Irish landscape jewellery inspired by your "Happy Place". This unique piece captures the unmistakable image of the Portmarnock beach shelter and strand. Swimming here is a right of passage and a is truly magical place to visit and conenct with friends. Share this memory together and hold it close to your heart always...

  • 9k yellow gold or sterling silver disc 20mm in diameter set with a diamond

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