Nuggets of history


Choose from an alphabet of nineteen beautifully detailed leaves of sacred trees, hand engraved to capture a special meaning or connection. Inspired by the beliefs of the Ancient Irish, the meanings of these sacred trees are now yours to own or share.

From a land of legends
An ancient tradition

Choose to honour a noble characteristic that the trees were believed to possess - Choose a lunar month to mark a special date or time - Choose by a letter of old - Connect with nature and heritage or just pick a leaf for how the sunlight plays on it.

Discover each tree’s history and relevance to you,
it’s meaning, lunar month or assigned Irish alphabet letter.

  • 1-06.png

    F - Fern - Alder

  • ivy-03.png

    G - Gort - Ivy

  • hawthorn-04.png

    H- Huath - Hawthorn

  • Yew-05.png

    I - Iodhadh - Yew

  • Rowan-06.png

    L - Luis - Rowan

  • 2-07.png

    M - Muin - Buckthorn

  • 1-06.png

    N - Nion - Ash

  • apple-10.png

    Q - Quert - Apple

  • 2-11.png

    R - Ruis - Elder

  • 2-13.png

    T - Tinne - Holly

  • 2-14.png

    U - Ur - Heather

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