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The Ha'penny Bridge in Irish: Droichead na Leathphingine, or Droichead na Life), known later for a time as the Penny Ha'penny Bridge, and officially the Liffey Bridge, is a pedestrian bridge built in May 1816 over the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. Made of cast iron, the bridge was cast in Shropshire, England and shipped to Ireland in 18 sections to become the symbol of the heart of Dublin. In 2012, citing a maintenance and damage risk, Dublin City Council removed a number of love locks from the Ha'penny Bridge and asked people not to add any more. In 2013 the council removed over 300 kg of locks from the bridge, and signage was added asking people not to put padlocks on the bridge in the fear it would colapse. Considered one of Dublin's most romantic locations, now you can relive your lovelock moment and hold it close to your heart always... 

Ha'penny Bridge Dublin - Cufflinks - 9k Gold with a diamond

  • Abhaile is a collection of scintillating hand-carved Irish landscape jewellery inspired by your "Happy Place".. This unique piece captures the unmistakable image of the Ha'penny Bridge in the heart Dublin City. Now you can relive your very own Ha'penny Bridge Love Lock moment, an eternal memory as a unique hand-carved image for you to hold close always.  

  • 9k yellow gold or sterling silver disc 16mm in diameter

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