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The Forty Foot is a promontory south of Dún Laoghaire harbour. It is a historic bathing pool, which used to be a male-only swimming spot for about 200 years. The gentlemen’s swimming club was established to conserve the bathing spot. Only in the 1970s, female activists started going to Forty Foot and jumping into the water and rightly so. This beautiful world belongs to everyone. Since then, it is open for men, women, and children. Nowadays, it is a popular bathing spot for the people of Dublin. Many dive into the Irish Sea from the Forty Foot daily all year round. Bathing in the cold sea regularly is said to be very healthy. If you are a tourist and want to go to a swimming spot that is not used by tourists, this is one of the best locations. At Forty Foot you will always find locals swimming and smiling and there you can have a chat with them! To the sea swimming commuinity who who treasure the secret benefits of a daily swim in the sea, the Forty Foot must truly be a happy place. 

Now you can wear your happy place whit you always...

The Forty Foot - Cufflinks - 9kGold - Diamond

  • Abhaile is a collection of scintillating hand-carved Irish landscape jewellery inspired by your "Happy Place". This unique piece captures the unmistakable image of the Forty Foot, Sandycove -Dublin.Classed as a sea swimming mecca to all who frequent the Icey waters surrounding Ireland. This is a heavenly place to take a dip, recharge and  feel like new. Soul Engraver can help you connect to your happy place. Stay connected and hold the Forty Foot close to your heart always...

  • 9k yellow gold or sterling silver disc 16mm in diameter

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