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Built in 1853 and standing almost 100ft tall, the Campanile is possibly the most iconic structure on the Trinity campus. The figurative keystones depict Homer, Socrates, Plato and Demosthenes, while the figures on plinths at the angles represent Divinity, Science, Medicine and Law, all of which were carved by Thomas Kirk. Trinity College students will only be too aware of the old superstition which states that students who pass beneath the Campanile when the bells toll will fail their exams! As a result,  Many students won’t walk underneath the Campanile until after they graduate. If you or a loved one has graduated from Trinity, Soul Engraver's hand-carved depiction of the Campanile is the perfect tribute to years of dedication and hard work...

The Campanile - Trinity College Dublin - Pendant - Sterling Silver - Diamond

  • Abhaile is a collection of scintillating hand-carved Irish landscape jewellery inspired by your "Happy Place". This unique piece captures the unmistakable image of the Campernile Trinity College Dublin.  To many students who graduate from Trinity, walking under the Campernile is a rite of passage. Soul Engraver has captured this incredible monument to learning as a beautifully hand-carved image. Celebrate a loveones achievement with this testiment to a dedicated life of study ...   

  • 9k yellow gold or sterling silver disc 20mm in diameter

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