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Proposing…a Soul Engraver guide to smooth the way to ‘Yes!’

Just four little words.

Will you marry me? Piece of cake? Yes or no?

Select the right partner, the right ring and off you go. Ah, the ring that has to seal the deal – now here’s a fool proof way to prevent slip ups, guaranteeing the moment is always remembered and the ring buying is perfection epitomised.

Here’s our simple guide, drawn from extensive research, to getting it right on that day before the big day.

1. Make sure that they’re ‘the one’

Don’t rush into it, take your time, think it through

2. Be yourself

Don’t turn into a poor parody of Casanova....not just a famed lover but also a scam artist, crook, alchemist, spy and church cleric

3. Don’t assume you know what they really like and rush out to buy the ring

Sharing the decision is more fun and causes less angst

4. Proposing with a ‘token’ ring is a false economy

It’ll end up deep in a drawer and that special moment might be lost forever, make the moment special without the risks

5. Don’t get drunk the night before

Or turn up with a hangover to propose, never mind proposing full of Dutch courage (or Gold)

6. Don’t propose on your partner’s birthday

Two for the price of one may look good on paper but it makes you look like a skinflint

7. Don’t propose at someone else’s wedding

Even when you’re emotionally overtaken by events, don’t upstage the happy couple

8. Don’t propose at a family gathering, unless you’re 100% sure it’ll be a 'yes'

Your partner just might say ‘Maybe’ or ‘No.’ Choose your moment very carefully

9. Now it’s down to those four little words

Play it safe and simply capture your proposal forever with a precious piece of Soul Engraver scintillating jewellery – in this case on a pendant – with your proposal recorded as a real-life sound wave that is hand-inscribed into precious metal, then make plans to go and buy the ring together

10. Present the piece of jewellery and explain what it says, in your own voice and tee up a time to go ring shopping

Your partner will wear the creation with a constant reminder of your four magic words. Visit the website and see how easy it is. The rest is down to you

Soul Engraver helps capture voice messages in form of sound waves engraved on silver or gold jewellery

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